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12-09-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Yourface View Post
Clitsome >> Potter in the D-zone. Clitty isn't a stalwart, but it's hard not to be better than Potter in that department. Keep in mind Clitsome doesn't play (or rarely plays) on the PP, which is where Potter probably got most of his points. He's also a better skater.

I've watched more of Clitsome than most other Oilers fans, and I can tell you without a doubt that Clitsome >> Potter. Stats aren't the only things that matter here.
I'd say Petrell would be more valuable to the Jets than he is to the Oilers, and Clitsome would be more valuable on the Oilers than he is on the Jets.
Win-win IMO.
If you had watched Clitsome you would know he did played the PP, almost as much as Potter. It would also be smart to check the stats before you make a statement like when you said Potter got most of his points on the PP, which is also false. Why should we believe you when you've made at least 2 bogus claims.

Is Clitsome better then Potter is debatable and if he was why didn't the Oilers snatch him up on waivers before the Jets did. The Oiler management obviously didn't think he was. The fact is neither D are a option for the Oiler's future.

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