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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
But again, the issue is not on-ice competition but the fight for revenue. The Kings are not exactly the Yotes or the Preds or the Panthers we're talking about here. They're located in the 2nd most populous city in the US, so while they were 8th in the conference it wasn't because of their market. In fact, they were able to pick up the Carter and Richards megacontracts without a problem, something small market teams would not have been able to do.

Whenever they end up reaching an agreement on a new CBA, it will be the owners (with help from the player agents) who find all the loopholes that they can use to get around any rules designed to stop them from losing money on stupid contractual decisions. Just like they did last time.

That seems to be what ownership is looking for in terms of "fixes" - a system so locked-down that they can't possibly make bad decisions. It won't work, and the smart owners know it - they're just using the contractual issues as a lever to increase the owners' share of the revenue pie.
No not every team can be a cap limit team every year and that's OK. Small market teams will have to follow the best blue print there is , Nashville. They draft well and save their money and when they think they have a team on the brink of challenging for a Cup they spend. I live in Winnipeg and have no problem with the Jets following this blue print (which Chipman has said he would do). What has happened is because of the system that has been put in place drafting is now the most important factor in developing any team (Holland has said as much). The Kings and Rangers are good examples of this. Built their teams through the draft and then suplemented through free agency. Players will ultimately go where they feel they can win especially if the owners take away flexibility in contracts (Hossa). Even if they do find loopholes I don't mind much because it has been proven over and over again that signing free agents doesn't gaurentee a winner (right Buffalo?).

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