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12-09-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Thumper17 View Post

The NHL thinks of you as a sentient wallet, you do understand that?

Just to clarify, you can still check the scores and watch highlights. Just dont directly give the NHL any money. At the very least dont go to any live games, thats where it hurts them most.
OK, first off, season ticket holders, especially those who have been through prior lockouts, paid for their tickets knowing full well this was the expiration year of the CBA and a lockout was possible. I, for one, chose to do so because I anticipated that some hockey would be played and, if not, that my money would go to the next season and guarantee the seats I've had for 15 years with my friends. It's the chance you take. Customers of all businesses are probably pretty much considered "sentient wallets," you either buy or your don't.

As for not giving the NHL any money - what do you propose season ticket holders who have already paid for their tickets do? No food at the arena, no merchandise there or elsewhere. Fine. Do you really suggest we not attend the games we've already paid for?

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