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12-09-2012, 03:38 PM
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I'm wondering if there was some encouragement from the PA for O'Reilly to sign this deal. During the dead puck era CBA, RFA's would hold out all the time to the detriment of the team but the overall benefit of the NHLPA because with no salary cap if you held out for a bigger contract then it meant the next guy could get a bigger payout as well.

Once we got a salary cap and linkage though these tactics stopped. Players negotiated within their own team structures, and while there may have been some individual cases of 'look what he's making over there' overall it didn't really matter.

So now with the NHL playing hardball in CBA negotiations this could be as much a message from the PA as it is O'Reilly looking out for his own best interest. I doubt much of the PA is really interested in playing for the KHL, but the enemy of your enemy is always a friend.

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