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12-09-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Richiebottles View Post
They lack a blue chip prospect. Connolly would be the closest thing to that but he isnt really tearing it up...
AHL MVP isnt blue chip these days? Sheesh.

The funny thing is the HFBoards ranking right or wrong, was a horribly written piece and doesnt make much sense in a lot of areas.

TB had BOTH of their affiliates in the AHL and ECHL win championships last year. In the AHL they had the best team EVER assembled in the history of the league.

Its amazing to me how incredibly underrated TBs prospect pool is on these boards. Although its simply because no one takes the time to watch them or do even remotely minute research on them. Not even the HF staff in which its their job.

I also think its funny that everyone is saying "oh they have a lot of potential guys, but they may not pan out". Ummm no ****. Thats why they are prospects, you can say that ANY prospect on ANY team.

This is the best prospect pool the Lightning have ever has in their history and its not even close. The goalie situation has gone from bleak to ridiculously stacked and in 5 years we will have at the least 3 NHL starter capable goalies no doubt in my mind.

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