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12-09-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
I just argued it...

The players put together an offer....

Jacobs threatened to leave the second day of player-owner negotiations that didn't include Fehr....

Again, who broke the deal? I didn't see the owners accept the offer? Quite pretending like you not defending one side.

Again, source? Phrases like "good faith" sounds like an opinion.

You try coming into a multibillion dollar business in the middle of an audit with absolutely no background in the business and enter a negotiation right away. Or maybe you'll want to do your homework first.

But what, no sympathy?

I'd argue otherwise. It's widely accepted that increased revenue sharing among owners would help the NHL, as it did with MLB.

Oh wait, didn't Fehr have a hand in that?
The offer in question is a joke when it comes to cap hit. The owners would never accept that.

The players never asked to see any of the books before hand they said no to negations immediately no talking about, if they wanted to do their homework they could have atleast asked.

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