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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
IIRC Laurikainen was not even in the picture for the team before he came to play in Swift Current am I right. Perhonen and Ullberg were considerd the frontrunners. Why have goalies like them fallen out of favour. How about Auren and Edelmann?
Yeah, I can admit that if somebody had come and told me in August that Laurikainen is in the squad, let alone have a shot at the starter job, I'd called 'em mental. In fact, I figured only a month ago that he's going to be a longshot, since I've seen quite many cases of Finnish coaches favoring players closer to home unless one is a no-brainer pick. Pleasantly surprised to see that my cynicism was thwarted for once and we've actually got a guy who at least knows his scouting. Maybe he reads these boards?

Ullberg has had an abysmal season thus far. His confidence is in complete shambles. Very few minutes accompanied with a save% of ~85 doesn't do a guy any favors when these picks are considered.

Now, I've got no idea what's going on with Perhonen. His stats are roughly comparable to those of Juvonen, if not slightly better. Either there's some kind of injury or our coach figures Juvonen has higher ceiling thanks to the showing he put up on the spring.

Auren and Edelmann were never in contention given how they've been unable to break out of their junior squads. They've got decent minutes and good stats, but their prowess is hard to compare since they haven't been playing against grown men.

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