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Originally Posted by canuckster19 View Post
You're not painting the entire picture, even when the Canucks were successful in the early 90s it was easy to get tickets and there was no such thing as a season ticket waiting list, you're comparing the current situation to something completely different.
Yes let's paint the entire picture:

86-87 10406 (franchise lowpoint)
87-88 11002
88-89 13772
89-90 15417
90-91 15150
91-92 15768
92-93 15418
93-94 15140
94-95 13920
95-96 17796 (moved to the larger GM place)
96-97 17320
97-98 16957
98-99 15802
99-00 14641
00-01 17026
01-02 17712
02-03 18396
03-04 18630
04+ Sellout streak ongoing

If I went farther back the attendance was actually quite good in the 70's, it was through the 80's that things went south, and even when things were going good in the early 90's this generation of fans couldn't sell out on a consistent basis.

Like someone else said a lot of the current success is a new generation of fans that now have the disposable income to buy tickets. In my opinion the generation gap is significant, largely due to the increased exposure of the game. Consider what the ones with disposable income through the 80's-90's didn't have:

- Constant broadcasts
- hockey video games
- instant hockey news and discussion through the internet

I'm old enough to remember a time when not every game was televised, but young enough to have filled that gap playing the old EA sports games on Genesis/SNES. The generation before me hockey was essential Hockey Night in Canada, The Hockey News, and call in radio shows. Now you have every game televised, instant connection to news and discussion, and video games to help get the kids hooked and/or learn about the league and it's players.

With Canada being so focused on hockey this will give any of our NHL cities a huge defense boost against a bad team ratings plummet. American teams will have a tougher time because if the local hockey team declines they always have Football/Basketball/Baseball to turn to.

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