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Originally Posted by yunost View Post
I think Ukrainian hockey is majorly on the rise. HC Donbass is a leading factor in this but they have created their league the PHL, with some competitive teams.

Donbass management is really ambitious and want to see Ukraine in the top division for worlds. They provide examples in Germany, France, and Italy that a country does not have to have a hockey-crazy population to be playing in the top division, or as in Belarus and others, the amount of hockey players registered dont have to be that high.

It was mentioned that 'top level hockey will be played in Donbass' and not only meaning the KHL club.
They have a pretty good 98 class that is quite competitive playing against Moscow region teams(their junior league), so it shows that they are working on their development system. Not only that they participate in tournaments in Sweden or Finland against top clubs (I think everyone can agree that Sweden has a top notch junior development system) and do pretty good.

I am not prepared to name prospects as that 20 year gap is probably going to have to play out. But, in 2018 the 98 team will be 20 years old. if there can be one good KHL level player that would be nice, then we have the 99, 00, 01, and 02 classes.... maybe in 2025 we will see high level Ukraine born and trained prospects playing top level hockey.
Great post. will be interesting to watch their system progress and see how the top league affects development. How would you rank the PHL in comparison with other European leagues, perhaps around ECHL level? Or VHL level? Theres about over 1 million ukranian canadians and some of the kids I've seen growing up are physical specimans. You can see that in largely out west there is a huge Ukranian and Polish population and many players from the WHL are ukrainian/polish descent. I'm sure if Ukraine would put their focus on hockey and with their relatively large population and strong genetics, they can produce many talented hockey players.

I mean come on, this is not normal !

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