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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Both were born the same year, drafted the same year and one of them aged very well (still to this day) and the other one is retired probably trying to find a way to feed his dogs financially (a little 2004 lockout humour from an ill-advised Modano comment).

Honestly, peak wise it is hard to take Modano over Selanne considering we saw so much of what Selanne could do on his own and how high his ceiling was.
Yes Modano would never really get to close to that rookie year of Selanne scoring 76 goals even with the same league/team context. And yes even in a similar context as Selanne in the late 90s he isnt scoring at the same levels. So did Selanne peak higher by virtue of his rookie ssn? Yes. And was he a better player in the late 90s than Modano? Most likely yes but not by that much. But while Modano and Selanne were close throughout the late 90s Modano also continued to be all that in the early 00s whereas Selanne got hurt. That has to make up for something.

This was a guy who was seriously held back offensively in Dallas. This isnt like a Colorado situation where Sakic/Forsberg might have to play some decent D. His numbers were held back by a significant amount. What did Modano score in his prime? 80 points avg? I would hazard a guess that he could have gotten 20 points more not playing somewhere like Dallas. You would be right to say that a significant part of his defensive advantage is also conferred by his team context but make no mistake Modano in a more free environment would still be individually better than say Sakic/Forsberg defensively.

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