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12-09-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by VasDimops View Post
This simply does not happen!

Take a good look at Wade Redden. No one would have given NY a 7th round pick!! New York would rather eat the salary then give a team an asset(s) to take him of their hands.

Look at Brian Campbell. Florida traded him for Olesz! Olesz is worse than a mid round pick considering his inflated cap hit.

Look at Komisarek. The Leafs can't just trade him to a cap floor team (like Florida) because those teams would rather overpay for UFA's for a couple years then be stuck with inflated contracts for multiple years.

Now, if you think a team is going to be doing Vancouver any favours and trade for Luongo at market value, you are going to be surprised by the return. Again, I would love to have Luongo on Toronto but only if we get him for cheap.
Fun fact!

In the last four years of Luongo's contract. He will have been paid less than Campbell was in one. Therefore, a team like Florida, would buy themselves four years of cap space for a 5th. Bonus if Luongo was still a quality goaltender, which contrary to popular belief, is a reasonable assumption. If his contract was so horrendous, the league would not be so adamant in not only ridding them, but punishing the team that signed them.

There is no "Luongo for cheap" right now. Gillis has made that apparent otherwise he'd be traded. We are not fixing your goaltending woes unless we get something worthwhile in doing so. If you have no intention of providing such, well this thread is likely not for you.

Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
That's the reality and a number of fans from a bunch of teams have said it. Not just Leafs fans.
Actually, this goes both ways. Many have agreed Luongo is not going to be shipped off for next nothing, including posters from your own fanbase.

Originally Posted by DougGilmour93 View Post
My offer would than be...

1st (top ten protected) + Kadri + Ashton + Franson


1st - Good value
Kadri - Good prospect, albeit consistency concerns
Ashton - Fringe AHLer; little value
Franson - Absolutely redundant; would not play over anyone in our top six

So it boils down to a first and Kadri. Nope.

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