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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Sure but I was responding mainly to livewells assertion that team mates don't matter.

It's still pretty amazing that Sid led the team in scoring by 16 points but to be fair, two guys that Sid wouldn't play with alot, Malkin and stall probably would ahve topped 66 points had they been healthy so it's a bit of a perfect storm, kinda like when Bure led Florida in scoring when a couple of guys got traded.

We have been over Mario in 01 and I'm pretty consistent in going back to his last full season at 31 where he scored at a lower PPG pace over 74 games and the year after where the same thing happened again.

Given Sids seasons before and after 11 and his age it's an entirely different context and set of circumstances than Mario's 01 run.

One of the major differences, and I'm surprised you didn't bring this up as it is your current flavor of the day, is PP versus ES scoring.

Mario ES in 01 was 43-18-25-43
Sid ES in 11 was 41-21-25-46

On the PP Mario was 16-16-32, Sid was 10-9-19

Of course Mario had the better PP unit as well, not sure who his linemates where in that year though.

It is really strange that you didn't bring this up though.
ES scoring is not a "flavour of the month" for me, sorry but it has always been a big factor for me.

And yes I know Sid sits at about 60% of his points at ES but again, that's beside the point.
The point is that Sid has to maintain the high pace he was on for more than just 63 games out of 164.
The biggest difference with Mario is that he DID score at a high rate and much higher previously. He was not hitting a new level of production like Crosby.
Mario more than earned the benefit of the doubt at that level, Crosby has NOT.

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