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12-09-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
1) The excuse that the 13 yo kids shouldn't be affected by this CBA is ridiculous. Btw, didn't you say you wanted the players to sign a long term CBA? Agree on a good deal, and make it long. Didn't you say something along those lines?
Let's just re-new it every two years that way every rookie or sophomore will get to negotiate on early and won't be affected from any previous deals.

2) I can agree with that.

3) Not sure why there should be a trade limit. It's not like every team makes a trade every year anyways. Also, sometimes, players want to get traded. If an owner already made a move, then that player would be screwed. This doesn't really make sense for either the players or the owners.
Also, I'd like to know how you rounded up a 500K figure as relocation compensation.

4) That depends on just how far back you want to drop the compensation from an offer sheet.
1) I think 8+2+2 would be satisfyingly long.

Giving the players exclusive renewal power would be a good compromise to signing a deal that favors the owners.

The owners' offer was only an 8 year deal anyway, as both the owners and players would have the power to cancel it after 8 years.

3) The $500,000 figure is made up and arbitrary. I am trying to think up of something the players could get in return for the concession that is term limits.

I think making the no-trade clause universal or nearly-universal might be sufficient.

4) How far back the compensation packages should be dropped would be a matter of negotiation. I think "half" would be a good start but it could be negotiated left or right.

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