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Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
I agree.

Giacomin's GAA is virtually the same in the regular season (2.82) as the playoffs (2.81) for his career. Hard to say he was great in the regular seasons and was horrible in the playoffs.

In his defense, 3 of his first 4 years in playoffs the Rangers were swept twice by the clearly superior Montreal teams and were beaten 4-2 by Boston in 1970. The Bruins went on to win the Cup by sweeping their next 2 seies. After that Giacomin's numbers aren't bad at all.
I posted this in the last All Time Draft. Seems appropriate to re-post here.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Ed Giacomin in the playoffs:

The stats: 29-35, one career shutout, 2.81 GAA.

Giacomin's legacy is based off the regular seasons from 1966-67 to 1970-71 when he was a 2x 1st Teamer and 3x 2nd Teamer. He got very little All Star consideration outside this time frame.


Giacomin was a 1st Team All Star almost by default. He started 68 games, Crozier started 58 for a non-playoff Detroit team and no other goalie started more than 44.

Giacomin's 2.61 GAA in the regular season ballooned to 3.41 in the playoffs as NY was swept by a Montreal team that only had 5 points more than them in the regular season. NY had a 4-1 lead with 10 minutes left in game 1 and lost 6-4.


Giacomin is a 2nd Team All Star to Gump Worsley.

His GAA goes from 2.44 in the regular season to 3.00 in a first round loss to a Chicago team that finished 10 points behind the Rangers in the standings.


Giacomin is a 2nd Team All Star to a 37 year old Glenn Hall.

In the playoffs, his GAA went from 2.55 in the regular season to 3.33 in the playoffs. The Rangers were swept in the first round by a Montreal team that finished 12 points ahead of them in the standings. Giacomin, who led the regular season in games played, only played 3 of the 4 games in the playoffs.


Giacomin was a 2nd Team All Star to a young Tony Esposito.

His 2.36 GAA in the regular season became 4.07 in the playoffs. Hard to tell how bad it was as it was against the Bobby Orr Bruins (who finished 7 points ahead in the regular season) but Giacomin, who again led the league in regular season starts only played 5 of 6 in the first round loss.


Giacomin was a 1st team All Star (and I'm not going to second guess the voters based of retroactive save % like TCG).

Giacomin was pretty good in the playoffs (finally). His team lost in the Conference finals to a very good Chicago team and his 2.16 GAA in the regular season only went up to 2.21.

After 1971:

Giacomin was no longer a top goalie in the regular season.

In 1972 and 1973, he platooned with Gilles Villemure, and Villemure received more All Star votes than Giacomin both seasons. Starting in 1974, Neither Giacomin nor Villemure recieved a single vote for the AS teams.

In the 1972 playoffs, Giacomin was 6-4 with a decent 2.70 GAA and Villemure was 4-2 with a 2.33 GAA as the Rangers lost in the Cup finals to the Bobby Orr Bruins.

Giacomin was the man in the playoffs for the Rangers in both 1973 and 1974, despite platooning in the regular season. Both years he put up solid but unspectacular stats in the playoffs as his team lost in the second round both times. He recorded the only playoff shutout of his career in 1973.

In 1975, Giacomin lost his only two starts in the playoffs. He was then traded to Detroit where he finished His career as a backup.

In summary:

Giacomin had a 5 year stretch as the 1st or 2nd best regular season goalie in the league, against fairly weak competition. His playoff record was horrendous for the first four years of the stretch.

Outside of this 5 year stretch, he received very little All-Star consideration as he settled into a platoon situation. His playoff numbers were solid but unspectacular (as they were in the last of his 5 years as a top regular season guy).
Giacomin is a worthy HHOFer (short prime, but 5 straight years as a 1st or 2nd Team AS is very good even against soso competition). But we're talking about the best of all time here, and he has to have the worst playoff record of anyone who has come up to vote yet, right? I mean, Tony Esposito had his awful moments at the worst times in the playoffs, but he also was very solid at other times.

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