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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Finally, I also refuse to agree that the players are the only ones "giving" in this process. When you consider all of the perks the players are given by the owners that are not part of the players' salaries, it is offensive to hear anyone on the players' side claim they get nothing. The owners ensure that their players fly FIRST CLASS, not COACH. The owners put the players in very expensive rooms, get them great food, the best trainers, etc... SOME people want to dismiss that, take it for granted, but they need to realize that it all COSTS LOTS OF MONEY! Where does that money come from? Not the payers, that is for certain. The players "get" almost everything they could desire and more.
Within the NHL, I see 30 different businesses competing against each other. Perks such as first class flights and expensive hotel rooms have been used to attract talent. Using those perks as a reason to limit future salaries across the board, throughout the industry, because some of those businesses have been failing? That logic doesn't work for me.

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