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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I've been able to catch a few. I've also tried to stay up with my video research on all the guys being talked about for this year's top ~10. Heck, I even caught both the Michigan Tech/Wisconsin game and the Colorado College/Minnesota back-to-back this weekend, and I'm in none of those places, either.

It's not that hard, really. Size, athleticism, and safe decision-making are all important skills, of course, but they're also the skills that are less likely to set you apart once part of the NHL pool. So if the execution skills are a bit lacking, you really gotta wonder if he's worth picking over some of the super talent showcasing itself at the forward position this year, that's all I'm saying. It would seem as though he hasn't even been tested as much in a lot of the situational play that some of these forwards are earning a reputation for either (given the Winterhawks' other options for the PP/PK), and I know I'm not alone in saying that I'd like to see a defenseman handle lead duties in most (if not all) of those situations for an extended time before burning a 1st overall pick on him. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Erik Johnson (who was, kind of conversely, size and execution skills without the decision-making or super athleticism) was picked over Staal, Toews, Backstrom, and Kessel, so the "lesson has been learned", so to speak. Obviously he must have had plenty of games where he was more impressive than the ones I've seen, so I'm keen on following him more during the WJC.
I hate when people bring this up. Erik Johnson was a different player before his knee injury and the player you see today isnt the player he was when he stepped into the NHL and put up 33pts in less then 70 games as a rookie and had people saying he was a future Norris winner. It's easy in hindsight to say something like you are but the guy had a injury that some guys come back 100% but some others dont and Johnson has just never been as explosive since.

I somewhat agree that Jones is still raw in some aspects but his hockeysense is actually decent and hes already producing at a elite point pace. For me Jones easily has the most exciting skillset in the draft because its not everyday you find a guy with his size/frame, skating ability and hockeysense. I get the quote about him maybe being more of a "athlete" right now then a hockey player but because he thinks the game very well I'm not really that concerned and feel he will develop quite nicely.

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