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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
He has yet to hit 130 Pts in a full season, he will be nowhere 150 Pts, that is something you can bank on.

No one in the NHL today is capable of 140 Pts let alone 150 Pts.

We've all been waiting for Crosby to hit 140 Pts (some even claiming this was going to be his average after his sophomore season) and other than that second season in the NHL he has yet to get more than 110 Pts. The game isn't getting any more open and usually players peak statistically in the early 20's. He will be 26 next season and history usually tells us that your statistical peak is behind you at age 26.

It's much easier to average 1.65 PPG in 20 or 41 game stretches; trying to pull that off over an entire season is much harder. A player is bound to hit a slump or two, get injured, run into hot goaltenders. Not even Malkin (who I think is a more talented player than Crosby is) has what it takes to pull off a 120 + Pts season in today's NHL. The last time a player averaged over 1.60 PPG in over 60 games or more in the same season was 1995-96. I just don't see anyone doing it in today's game.

The game at its most open could resemble more the 2005-06 season and if that's any indication, two players had 123 and 125 Pts respectively and everyone else had less than 110 Pts. For Crosby to hit 140-150 Pts that would mean that he would win the Art Ross by 20-30 Pts, sorry but that's not going to happen.

The next big hit could be Crosby's last in the NHL; just saying.
Crosby has 133 points in his last 82 games, with one quarter of those games coming off a year-long hiatus from the game.

I would bet my house that a healthy Crosby, in his prime, hits 120+ points. He's a much better player today, barring any lingering health issues, than he was when he was 19. If the game opens up, the rest of the NHL better look out.

And Malkin was on pace for 120 points last year. If Malkin can put up 120 points, there's no reason Crosby can't put up 130-140 points in a career year. Crosby is better and more consistent than Malkin, anyway.

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