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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Of course they were against teengers, he was a teenager. Why do you think players get drafted where they do? Because a player who excels in a league while younger typically does so at each level.

His pedigree shows that more than likely , he was going to dominate the ahl also. And he was right on track. You think Schroeder is/was? lol

If Schroeder ever gets near a point per game in the ahl, its because hes played in it for 5+ years.

And when was the last time we had a top 10 pick on our farm team who stayed on course?

And what are we waiting to see? All i was trying to say is that his stats are something that should worry people, not saying that writes him off completely but its a huge worry. Its just not typical for a player with his tools to make it in the nhl while putting up mediocre numbers in the ahl. But im cheering for him and it can happen
So you are trying to say that the all time american points leader has never dominated at any level?

You also know putting up huge numbers in college hockey is much harder than doing the same in the CHL right? Cause you are playing against grown men. The guys in College generally are 2-4 years older.

You are trying to tell me the last few years when we have been trying to get JS to become a better defensive prospect (by all accounts he has). You are trying to tell me there is no corlation between players coming into our system and putting upless points and JS also putting up less points...

I am confused as to you opinion for these reasons and many more.

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