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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
Hey Mapleleaf979, good to see we are both back in the blog game. LOL

Remember last year when I mentioned/initiated soon after Xmas that Ho Sang would go 5th or 6th, and everyone on the boards went Apesh..... IT DID HAPPEN.

Someone recently (SCOUT97) has posted that korostolev will go #2 also. I GUESS I AM NOT ALONE. LOL

Maybe we need our buddy Tigers1992 to provide his much respected and regarded input.
Patting ourself on the back again? lol im kidding. But, since we are going there, I was right about several things. I was the first to mention Hosang not being #1 and a few people thought I was racist or had agenda's. That was pretty frustrating. U did mention Windsor at #5, good job pal. Someone mentioned Cornel at #3, that guy was bang on and I forget who it was but Perlini to Barrie. Petti #10 was also revealed by someone? I was also the most convinced about Mcdavid's greatness, I had people claim I was a Mcdavid family member for me saying how good he was and how far ahead he was than any other 96. Ive never spoken to any MCdavid family member, Connor included in my life and am younger than his father. Who mentioned Mckeown going #2 ? Who was the only guy talking about S.Watson, Lindo, Muzyka, St.Germaine... Chew I do enjoy your opinion and like the fact that you dont sit on the fence about things. I like the debates and differing opinions can make for more interesting conversations.

Also (scout97) mentioned Nikita #2 not #1 like u mentioned. If S.Day gets ES and Korostelev goes #1, like u mentioned, Ill buy u a 24 of beer and u can get me one if u lose...if u dare? lol. Cheers.

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