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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Im not going to sit here and debate this more, you guys want proof of everything and somethings can't be proven. In my mind , its obvious who the better player was and who was quicker to become nhl compatible and that was hodgson. You think thats wrong. I guess the canucks management, moose coach, scouts, and the many gms around the league who would have chosen hodgson well before schroeder were wrong.

In my mind, hodgson would have went on to increase his point totals by a significant amount. I think he would have been a point per game player the next year. And its not surprising to see him over a point per game this year in the ahl. when he went down with an injury, foligno stopped producing

You guys can argue all you want but this comes down to opinion and ive watched almost all the wolves games this year and hes hardly an improved offensive player this year. Hes the exact same offensive player IMO, hes rounded out some other areas but to be a player in the nhl at his size and style takes alot more than passable numbers in his third year. And i dont even think next year he'll be much improved either. But hey, if you want to cling onto the hope that if he was on another team , he owuld be lighting it up. go ahead.

agree to disagree.

his point totals are something that shouldn't be ignored. thats the only point ive been trying to make. its funny that nobody else thinks hes nhl ready and hes even being benched but the fans think any criticism i give him is nonsense
Yeah because he is in a different system!

Hodgson's points were below expectations when he played for our farm team, he is producing when he is playing on Buffalo's farm team.

Kassian's points were nearly PPG when he played for Buffalo's farm team & this year on Vancouver's he isn't producing to that PPG rate.

Shouldn't that tell you that Van's farm team & their system is low scoring while Buffalo's is more of a high offensive team.

I wasn't "fighting you" on who is a better player, I'm just "fighting you" on the fact that our farm teams haven't really produced a high scoring prospect.

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