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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Yeah because he is in a different system!

Hodgson's points were below expectations when he played for our farm team, he is producing when he is playing on Buffalo's farm team.

Kassian's points were nearly PPG when he played for Buffalo's farm team & this year on Vancouver's he isn't producing to that PPG rate.

Shouldn't that tell you that Van's farm team & their system is low scoring while Buffalo's is more of a high offensive team.

I'm not "fighting you" on who is a better player, I'm just "fighting you" on the fact that our farm teams haven't really produced a high scoring prospect.
Our farm team hasn't produced a high scoring prospect because we never have high scoring prospects besides Hodgson and Hodgson got 50 games before the nhl. he was caleld up to the nhl because his skill was obvious. All these people thinking he deserves the next level would have probably also told you his point totals would have improved greatly in the following year. Despite you thinking this team caps peoples production. lol

We have a few old/unmotivated players on the first line which is making us lose and suddenly prospects on all lines can't reach certain numbers because of the team.

its hard to debate something when you can just blame the entire system.

if we acquired top 10 picks in the draft, those players would almost definitely be putting up numbers, despite what you think is a system that makes everybody suck

our team just lacks pure point producers, somethign that schroeder should be given his style and size

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