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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
I don't even know why this argument is continuing. Schroeder is actually near the top of the ES scoring charts (ignoring the freakish 1st line of the Barons). The trouble has been the PP and that's the case for the whole team. So if we're going to criticize him and blame him for something it should be that he's not good enough of a PP player not that he sucks overall or some such other bizarre statement.
Have you seen Ennis play? Have you seen all the undersized players who dont play a gritty game play? Have you seen kariya or sullivan or any of the players in the league?

how long of a list can you get me of players who had steady nhl careers who dont play gritty, dont hit and play his style and his size and dont absolutely dominate the early leagues (and almost immediately)? who can't beat guys one on one, who dont stickhandle better than anyone else by a mile

im actually curious, you might be able to provem e wrong but im trying to think of some right now and the list is extremely short, almost non existent

how many of those skilled guys find themselves dominating the ahl and never reaching the nhl due to size. alot. hell the wolves is made up of 5'9 guys who had size working against them and ended up having careers in the ahl. werent weak 5'9 guys either

gilman just stated that these players need to turn aroudn their seasons ASAP, but hey, nothing to worry about . he was just benched, nothing to worry about. its the system

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