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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Pretty decent list and it talks about play making which is what Ogopogo switched up and then talked about creating offense which isn't the same thing.

I'm also curious where Hank Sedin might fall into your list, he also has led the league in assists 3 consecutive years and his prime is good, last 6 years in top 10 and 13th in 06 (part of his prime maybe).

I'm not the biggest Hank fan in the world but his play making skills are excellent , and he is another guy that I have above Espo.
trying to explain Ogopogo's list is different than most people. It is completely stat based and pretty much does not allow for interpretation between the clear difference in creating offense and creative playmaking, will not take into account the "eye test", etc. Unless he has drastically changed his formula, it Does not take into account things like "per game" value, etc
Granted he has not posted his methodology in 5-6 years, but it used to have a few quirks that a few of us questioned.

While I argue and disagree with him a lot, I can't deny his dedication and hard work and ability to think from another angle.

As for your question on Henrik....
He would end up on the honorable mention list outside the top 10. His resume is similar to Thornton's(Who is #10), but not quite as good in Peak or longevity. They both lead the league 3 times, but Thornton's margin over the runner up his first title was 25 assists, which wins him the best season vs best season. He also runs away with his other finishes.
2,2,3,7,8,10 vs 4,4,8.
He led his team by a few ridiculous margins in scoring and was making things happen all alone some years. 07-08 sticks out like a sore thumb. Not a single teammate with 25 goals, but he found ways to make it happen. Truly a guy who elevated lesser teammates with remarkable vision and perfect passes.

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