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12-09-2012, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Cole, the league continues to issue ultimatums and state there is no room left for negotiations. This is the third or fourth time they put an offer on the table, then threaten to pull it when the PA wants to keep negotiating.

It is like groundhogs day. The league flips out, walks away from the table, "pulls" their offer, then Daly and S. Fehr "get in touch" and the whole cycle starts over again. At what point will the league allow negotiations without trying to strong arm the union? Finishing a deal is always tough at the very end. They can't keep trying to avoid it and Fehr.

You can say whatever you will about past offers, but the offer Fehr brought on Thursday was reasonable. I wouldn't accept it if I was Bettman, but it only needed a few more tweaks, and a deal was there. Fehr put a couple of bargaining chips to leverage a year or two more for contract length... And the league blows up over it? Giving some on contract length is not going to change what the owners are fighting for.

You follow the NFL and we both know Smith was a total dick and the garbage he proposed was so bad I was laughing my ass off at times. Right up until the very end he was doing everything he could to piss off the owners and get every minor chip for the PA. But Goodell and the owners banged out a deal. That is the kind of leadership I want to see from the NHL.

This is a disgrace and Bettman and the owners have to end it - now! Give the PA an extra year or two and finish this.
What you call an ultimatum, I call honest truth. There is NO chance in hell the PA should have done that. The NHL didn't come back and say "well **** it.. let's negotiate EVERYTHING again." They didn't do that.

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