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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
You're only looking at points though. Modano brought a lot more to the table in other areas than Selanne did during the late 90's/early 00's. I'd say Modano from 98-03 was the best stretch either player had, goal totals be damned. I said it previously, maybe even in this thread, that Selanne was in a perfect situation to go rack up points in the late 90's, while it was just the opposite for Modano under Hitchcock.
i agree to a point. but i don't think modano was as talented offensively as his tools indicated. great shot, amazing wheels, size, strength, the whole nine yards. but vision-wise, he wasn't on even turgeon's level, let alone selanne's level or, to make a contemporary example, a sedin level.

i think hitchcock was the best thing that happened to him. without hitchcock to push him, modano probably is lecavalier-- a disappointment. the tool box was ultimately best served to be the 80 points two-way beast that he was than the jeff carter it looked like he was on his way to becoming.

but the era also maximized his abilities. like, i wonder if bobby smith had peaked during the DPE whether he would be a borderline hall of famer case. obviously a big, strong two-way center is always going to be something teams want. but i think that kind of player thrived most during the DPE, with dinosaurs like derian hatcher and adam foote reigning over defensive zones, than any other era.

but long story short, i don't see modano peaking any higher than 100 points in a career year in another system. i don't think he had it in him to contend for scoring championships like selanne, even under the most optimal circumstances.

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