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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I'm lefthanded... but torn on the issue. Free market/decertificiation/whatever would benefit me just in that my hockey team of choice is one of the more profitable ones, and ought to benefit to some extent in a freer market (although I haven't seen a lot of practical evidence in the past to convince me of that - with the restrictions still in place, of course, and a host of other factors in play). Increased regulation would just make everything easier to follow and a little less chaotic as a fan... I liked the old days when you could reasonably expect to retain players as long as you wanted, and that continuity and familiarity was attractive as a fan too.

I don't *really* care who makes how much and how the profits are distributed. There are sides to argue from what we know of the details of the negotiations and established precedents that might make us pick our own private thresholds for what is "fair" and what isn't. But at the end of the day, I don't really care if the owners pocket 57% or 43%. I really really don't care. As a fan, why would we. But I suppose as people who are entertained by competition between opposing sides, it's natural to pick a side even in this labour battle and go from there. Lacking our usual form of competition to spectate upon.
I know what you mean... truth be told, as much as I blame the owners and support decertification, if the players cave on every issue I will still be a fan of the game and it won't affect my life negatively at all. Hockey will still be a pleasure to watch. NHL players will still make plenty of money.

However, despite this, I'm still angry at the owners because this is an unjustified lockout. These are investors who do not rely on hockey for their livelihoods, and yet they generally do very well off their involvement with the NHL. When they decide it's time to exit the game, there is almost always a huge payoff waiting for them. They have convinced governments to pay for their arenas. The idea that Molson purchased the Canadiens 3 years ago, charges what he does for ticket prices, makes the profits that he does, and voted in favor of the work stoppage is offensive to me. The idea that owners have given Bettman veto power over anything less than two thirds of the BOG vote, to treat the game like a single business and do whatever he has to to increase profits also offends me.

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