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12-09-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
I'd rather go real young and pick up young prospects capable of playing now or real soon which helps both in building for the future AND now. Why i say now is that in order to win, it really helps to have guys on cheap contracts and only way to get skilled guys on cheap contracts is to get them before they bloom.

The way boston had Seguin as depth in their run. Now hes their top player.

I think acquiring young players is a way to win now

Especially in a cap world
but seguin was a 2nd overall pick and a can't miss future star. no one like that is going to be made available for luongo. even bjugstad or whomever else we're all drooling over isn't likely to develop as quickly as seguin did. we're not talking about help two years down the road, we're probably talking about three-to-five years, if ever.

not to say going young is the wrong way to go, but the trade off is that going young means we're almost certainly not adding anything of immediate value to the present team. are we willing to waste the sedins' last elite years in hope of a brighter future? i can see both sides, but that's the question.

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