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Originally Posted by Bolt32 View Post
I agreed with everything you said up until that. I respect your opinion Sniper, but goal-tending is soo hard to predict. Were going the patience route with Tokarski, which is an awesome route to go with goaltenders, but honestly he is a very hit or miss with me. If he hits, it won't be by much either. He may become a starter, but I think the most likely scenario is to max out as a back up.

Janus while his KHL numbers are encouraging, couldn't even out play Tokarski in his role in the AHL. Unless he trained his ****ing ass off during the last off season and simply surpassed him, I don't think he will pan out as a legit starter. He always seemed like a Halak type of goaltender. When his back is against the wall, he will drag his team out of a **** hole, but at the same time the one thing he doesn't do as well as Halak is when his defense shows up, he has a hard time getting into that zone that makes him a dangerous goaltender. Just from what I seen. He seems to be more accustomed to the Big Ice...which may be bad for his NHL career, but great for his European one.

The progression on Helenius is still out, though with the likes of Gudas, Barberio, Korobov, Aulie in the minors his start so far this season has been some what disappointing to me. I don't know. He seems like a goaltender who is a European star, but still needs to get NA hockey down. I hope that he can, but times has shown you can be one without the other, time and time again. I hope he just needs to get settled, but right now he isn't ready. On a one way next season as well, if there is a season, are we really ready to be a backup for us next year? Right now I would feel more comfortable with Tokarski than I would Helenius.

Wilcox....well so far the kid has been a great Value pick, and is playing out of his mind in the NCAA. I hope he can continue that progression, but will need at least a year or two in the AHL after his NCAA career before we can even think about him in the NHL. He is more than five years away. So far I like what i see though.

Andrei Vasilevskiy has all the tools to be a star, the only thing holding him back is his experience, which the only way to get is to play more. I feel comfortable with him and expect him to be ready within that 5 year time slot.

Nagle....don't get me started. Value investing that really failed. In the investing world, this is a situation where you sell your losses and move on. Hes getting lit up in the ECHL, I would shudder to think what NHLers would do to him.

Overall I would say we have 1 starter out of that mix, maybe two. Possibly one back up. Still though, extremely solid. Sorry for going over analytical on you.
For the record, my three included Lindback (Not really a prospect I know but I consider him one due to the situation, eh), Helenius, and Vasilevsky.

Vasil is going to be the guy. He is going to be the franchise goalie we have never really had.

Obviously goaltending is extremely hard to predict. Its really just an opinion based on educated guesses. Dont read too much into it.

Its like me saying Connolly will be a 40 goal scorer on the regular in the NHL. Which by the way Im not on that hype train. 30, probably. But in the end its just a guess because with a very very very small exception to the rule, prospects are prospects because there is potential and the goal is to find the ones who reach that potential.

We shall see, but one thing I think is definitely not up for debate. The fact that we have the best prospect pool we have ever had as a franchise right now. So its exciting to think of the future.

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