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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
He was playing everyday (unless, of course, you're suggesting that not playing in the field somehow affected his bat despite '11 being 60 OPS points above his career average)... 159 in '11 and 156 in '12. Of that, he played 69 games at DH in '11 and 72 games at DH in '12. So, in actuality, his WAR was boosted by having just shy of half of his games not include his abysmal dWAR.

Thank you for giving me more ammo against him.
So, I assume you think that showing up at the Ballpark not knowing what, if any, position you might be playing AND having to practice at no less than 3 positions would impact your ability to be more adept at any one of those positions? His dWAR the last year he played a position fulltime in 2010 was -.08. A number that if he matches will likely make him a solid offensive contributor for 7.2M a year. That's not even mentioning the fact that Fransden can come in as a defensive replacement late in games.

What I don't understand about your position is it's inconsistency. If you are a huge WAR guy, then I understand your apprehension about Young. However, you were equally critical of the Revere acquisition and his 2.4 WAR. At 24, without playing a full season, I'd expect someone of your stat geakiness to laud that move.... Or is it just convenient to measure the statistics that most appropriately apply to your argument?

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