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12-09-2012, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
If you trade Luongo you aren't going for the cup any more. The rebuild is on, at that point. Losing Salo and Luongo in the same offseason cannot be viewed as stacking for a run.

If it all shakes out that Luongo has to go, you might as well package him up and accept kids and picks because the opportunity to get younger quickly is rare. I don't think Gillis is ready to start a major refit, but the team has no pressing needs to speak of, this might be the time to strike. I tend to prefer the young roster player rather than the high ceiling prospect. Edmonton has a ton. I hope to avoid picks simply because Gillis was very careful at the draft and still got a Hodgson. It's just too risky.

I'd pack up Edler and Malhotra (I defend my choice of Malhotra. He has a big cap hit and one eye. Sorry, but that kind of choice has to be made when you claim to be a contender for the Cup) along with Luongo and try to get a young player back and maybe some picks. I would be using the picks at the draft for trades to move up only after exhausting other avenues.
Rebuild because Luongo and Salo are traded

And even better. Malhotra has a big cap hit.

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