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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
I guess only players are allowed to think about all profits? There was a time when players played for not much more than the average wage of the general population (who are still getting screwed on their pensions). What's your point? Times have changed.

Healthy teams --> healthy and competitive league. Who knows, with more owner share, and hence getting more money via revenue sharing, maybe even teams like the Islanders will be able to spend to the cap one day.
Welcome to the NHLPA and Fehr's battle and goals of this new CBA.

NHLPA’s call for increased revenue sharing - Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012.

It drives home one of the key points NHL Players’ Association executive Donald Fehr and his negotiators have made throughout the lockout – the path to financial health for all 30 teams is through increased revenue sharing. It is not something the wealthy teams are interested in, although the NHL reportedly is close to an agreement with the union on a revenue-sharing plan that would see around $230-million redistributed annually, an increase of about 53 per cent from the $150-million under the former collective agreement.

However, that represents only about 7 per cent of the $3.3-billion the NHL brought in during the 2011-12 season. Major League Baseball, which found prosperity with greater revenue sharing thanks to the prodding of Fehr when he was head of that sport’s union, sees its rich teams put 31 per cent of their local revenue into a fund shared by the poorer relations.

Since baseball also has sharp differences in revenue between financial powerhouses like the New York Yankees and basket cases like the Florida Marlins, it only makes sense that sharing would work for the NHL as well. But, in addition to refusing to consider compromises on contract issues and splitting revenue with the players, the most influential owners in the NHL don’t want to hear about more revenue sharing either.

Full Story:
Good thing Fehr gives a crap about what happens to the league after the lockout, and fought and won a 53% increase in revenue sharing to attempt to get 30 healthy teams.

I hope you didn't believe this is what Bettman and Owners lockout is all about.

Fehr is like Robin Hood, he fights for his players and protects their 50% share of HRR and then negotiates increase revenue sharing for the poorer small market NHL teams by robbing from the rich owners and giving to the poor all within the Owners 50% share of HRR as opposed to the players being responsible to cover those costs.

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