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12-09-2012, 06:59 PM
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Blake was utterly lost before until Domenic Moore became his center, next time back up what you say. I can't stand a blanket inaccurate statement without context.
Blake was a one hit wonder who was nothing more than an average second line player until he had pucks fed to him by another short term wonder in Sillinger as well as Alexei Yashin. Dig some facts before you call Blake some perennial 40 goal scorer. The man never came close to 40 goals before. Another absurd accusation you have made is that Grabo is a puck hog? You don't hog a puck and nail the assists he did. Did you bother to look at blakes stats? seriously, take a long hard look at his career shots vs passes/assists and you will realise how ignorant your lopsided arugement has become. Regardless I am done and I will enjoy 5 more years of a SLIGHTLY overpayed grabo knowing that it drives you up the wall.

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