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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
This is like the most common reply for Grabo enablers, did you forget Grabo played unsuccessfully I might add with a former 40 goal scorer? Blake ring a bell?
What a terrible, terrible argument. Blake is not a 40-goal scorer. He had one season at 40 (and even then, only topped out at 69 points), and none of the others were even close to that level. By the time Grabovski played with him, he had regressed to worse than even his average season, and Grabovski was not "unsuccessful with him".

Playing with a player who fluked out some season in the past, is not the same as playing with two PPG players in the present.

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Kule a 30 goal scorer too. So Bozak played with a 37 goal scorer, a 25 goal man for parts of last year. Don't forget, he was the best choice there, and he hardly played an entire season with Kessel or the injuried Lupul. Lombardi, Connolly, and Steckel were all tried too.
Why are you using goal totals? Oh, that's right, to skew the facts. And Kulemin only scored 30 goals once, when he was with Grabovski.

Bozak played with two PPG players. And he was only the best choice there because of chemistry and the need to spread out offense. Grabovski played with a 43-point player, and either a 28-point player or a rookie, and was forced into defensive roles.

Connolly only played 10 or so games in that position, Lombardi only played there when Bozak was injured, and Steckel was never used there as a regular or as anything more than to win face-offs.

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
To Wilson's credit he knew enough to keep the puck hog with limited playmaking skills and zero physical board play, away from Kessel.
No, he knew to keep one of the better offensive players who can carry the play on his own line, so as to spread out offense and roles most effectively.

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