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Originally Posted by Inside McKenzie View Post
largely speaking no, but we are discussing how to handle the coming season, as far as preventing teams from storing good players in the minors/circumventing the cap, how do other leagues handle this? or perhaps having them on to start the year then off again

psychic saw you mentioned long ago about having waivers off but monitoring this situation, do leagues have rough guidelines such as players over 80 or 78 or a certain dollar value have to pass manual waivers on the forum or?
most new leagues im in just keep them off.

personally they should be off, however, a team's 10 highest contracts must be on their main roster and not in the AHL, to keep teams from circumventing the cap. They must ship those contracts off to other teams, or eat it.

its easy to monitor, can see it right in the trade screen, and easy to accept as great middle ground.

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