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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Who would you rather have the puck when a goak or creative play is needed? Tunnel man Grabo or Phil Kessel who was 6th leading scorer in the NHL last year? No brainer for most.
Uhh.. Kessel obviously. Just because Grabovski isn't as good offensively as the 6th overall points leader, doesn't mean he can't be a #2 center.

That is why grabovski is on the 2nd line. So both lines can have that presence.

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Really, how many times we see him pass when he shouldn't or not shoot when he should when he is circling the zone, overhandlling the puck.
How many times have you seen it? Lots I bet, in that deluded mind of yours. How many times has it actually happened? Barely ever. Not anymore than any other player.

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Even that crap stat corsi says he hogs the puck. Yeah I will admit one thing, Grabo is great skating figure 8's on the ice, puck hog. By the way Macarthur is pretty good handling the puck. Tough to show you can when Grabo is your center.
The Corsi stat does not say he hogs the puck.

Macarthur isn't bad, but he isn't at Grabovski's level.

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