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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
You're only looking at points though. Modano brought a lot more to the table in other areas than Selanne did during the late 90's/early 00's. I'd say Modano from 98-03 was the best stretch either player had, goal totals be damned. I said it previously, maybe even in this thread, that Selanne was in a perfect situation to go rack up points in the late 90's, while it was just the opposite for Modano under Hitchcock.
I am taking two-way play into account as well. Modano was good defensively, but not otherworldly either. He still wasn't a Datsyuk in that regards. If you like talking about perfect storms then I don't think Modano could have had a more perfect storm than he had. Hitchcock comes in, shakes things up, a great team is built that relies heavily on the dead puck era. Hey, that's fine for them they won a Cup and they were going by the rules. But the Hart votes along show you how people viewed Selanne over Modano. The edge defensively doesn't make up for it in my opinion. Throw in the late career resurgence which was the opposite for Modano and I can't see how anyone puts Modano over Selanne.

You also have to take into account that Selanne was relied upon heavily to score on that team. No one else would do it other than Kariya, when he was healthy. That 1997-'98 season is perhaps his finest moment. He was all alone that year playing with scrubs. There was a time when you could have put Selanne a notch below Jagr. I don't think there was anytime when people thought Modano could even flirt with being the 2nd best player in the game.

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