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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
But You didn't answer, you avoided it by placing a new set of if's as a creative way of avoiding the question.

Grabo is a Center, to some a good one. He is not a winger as much as you try to avoid the question to smokescreen your answer.
Glad to see you agree he is not a winger. Seems to contradict your entire argument that he is actually a winger on a center-weak team, but hey, you're learning.

I had already told you that replacing any of the 3 players with Grabovski would still result in a cup, and the other 2 you mentioned weren't even #2 centers. But the more logical question is, is he a top-6 forward?

The answer is yes. He would be the 4th or 5th best forward on essentially all contenders.

And since he plays center effectively and it is his most comfortable and sensible position, he could play there if there wasn't a better option (like he does on Toronto). If there is a better option for #2 center, then he can switch to wing (or go to a contender that is in greater need of a #2 center).

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