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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
the weird thing is that it's brent sutter, who won cups with persson, jonsson, and especially kallur who was as competitive as anyone.

but yeah, a lot of sutters in hasek's first NA landing spot, on top of having to break in with belfour winning vezinas and jimmy waite getting every benefit of the doubt.
Hey, maybe the guy was a jerk to Hasek. Who knows? But the blow is softened a bit since it is coming from Brent Sutter who at least put his money where is mouth was when it came to heart. I remember very vividly the opinion many of us had with Hasek early on. Look at the 1997 playoffs. He was hurt and a reporter questioned his integrity and Hasek lost it on him. Throw in the fact that he was a perennial diver and I could understand how someone like Brent Sutter might react to him.

you could be right. i have no idea how word got out about pronger's and comrie's infidelities. i will say though that if you compare edmonton to even calgary, what fleury was doing was kept from the headlines for years and years, even though it was by many accounts an open secret and widely known among those covering the team. whereas the alleged oilers cocaine problem was big big news.

with the domi/stronach situation, i thought toronto (where i lived a couple years ago, but for only one year) was a lot like vancouver. players get scrutinized, recognized everywhere, and all that. but in terms of personal lives and infelicities, it has to be a high profile scandal involving someone else firmly in the public eye (domi) or something completely team-dividing (jeff brown, though i guess comrie was that too), i.e., not nearly on the scale as arnott fathering an illegitimate child. a cultural difference, i think, between edmonton and toronto, vancouver, calgary, and montreal.
Honestly, I don't see how Calgary is any different culturally than Edmonton. Both staunch conservative cities, midwestern values, etc. I guess Fleury was more of a guy (like say Mickey Mantle) where the media would want to protect him in a way. But how different can Edmonton and Calgary really be considering they are cut from the same cloth and 3 hours apart? I think it might have more to do with the fact that Pronger and Comrie were never exactly players who won the hearts of the city, much like Fleury in Calgary

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