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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
The patriots were number 4 in that markert prior to Parcells coming through. Boston has always been about baseball and Basketball and Hockey can be number 3. The pats will be just another team when Brady goes, Packers 49ers Cowboys Bears Steelers Browns or Giants they are not.
Haha, you mean before the Kraft family bought the team right? The franchise will always be first class as long as the Krafts own the Patriots. The Pats are # 1 in New England and have been for a long time and they will continue to be # 1 as long as the Krafts own the team.

Since Kraft bought the team no franchise has more wins than the patriots to go along with 5 Super Bowl appearances and 3 Super Bowl wins. He has also turned the franchise into one of the most profitable in ALL of professional sports.

Funny you mention the 49ers who turned around their franchise with a new owner, coach and QB in the early 80's yet didn't turn into just another team when two out of the three left. And the Steelers, also not just another team by your standards, yet they were basement dwellers for the first 40 years of the franchise's existence until Chuck Knoll, Terry Bradshaw and a dominating defense turned around the franchise in the early 70's.

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