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12-09-2012, 07:52 PM
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Have players trusted the NHLPA/agents too much in the past?

I don't want to hijack this into a current lockout thread. The players are idiots, the owners are idiots and they are all their own worst enemy. Enough said. But I would rather talk about times when you think the NHLPA hoodwinked some players or even someone's agent misled them in a way that crippled their career.

Alan Eagleson with the NHLPA - He was a crook, and that's as polite as I'll be.

Eagleson with Bobby Orr - In 1976 when Orr was a free agent he obviously wanted to stay with Boston. Eagleson didn't tell Orr the sweet deal the Bruins were offering (I don't know the numbers exactly but it involved part ownership I believe) and Orr signed with Chicago without even knowing that the Bruins wanted him. Eagleson knew this deal wouldn't benefit HIM, so he lied to Orr. Way, way too much trust in your agent in this situation.

Bob Goodenow - Need I say more?

David Frost - Thankfully Sheldon Keefe is now old enough to know the detrimental way Frost killed his career. He is now coach of the OHL's Greyhounds and is only 32 years old. He was a fine talent but Frost had a hand in ruining his career. He represented Ryan Barnes, Keefe and Mike Jefferson (Danton eventually) on one team and they were so loathed because of Frost that all three were traded to Barrie, just like that. Danton tried to kill Frost and to this day still is brainwashed into thinking he wasn't targetting Frost. Keefe finally saw the light, Danton still hasn't. None had much of a life in the NHL.

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