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Originally Posted by atomic View Post
a whole 100 million a year!!! the los angeles dodgers baseball contract will be around 245 million a year. that is for one baseball team. and doesn't even include playoff games. 100 million a year is nothing for sports tv contracts. the nhl wants to keep teams in big markets that is why phoenix will exist as an nhl franchise. the nhl needs tv contracts to grow. there is no more money in tickets sales. most teams are selling tickets at high prices and lots of them. at a certain point if you raise them higher you will make less money. \

make the game more exciting for tv is what the sport should be focusing on.
When NBC was negotiating the last TV contract with the NHL, they told the NHL that not having the Coyotes didn't make any difference to the contract amount. Having Phoenix means nothing to NBC and that's obvious because they barely show them.

Said this before... The NHL has been trying for 40 years to get the BIG TV deal and its just not going to happen. Sure they might get some more lucrative deals, but they are never going to get the kind of money that will change them from a gate revenue league to a TV revenue league.

As far as making the game more exciting.... Might help a little, but remember this... One of the reasons that Hockey doesn't draw well on TV is because a lot a people have trouble watching the game on TV. They can't follow the puck and as a result can't follow the game. Why do you think the NHL tried the Glow Puck years back? It was for the sole reason of trying something to make make the game easier to follow.

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