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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Fehr is playing chicken with the Owners, knowing full well some Owners realize they're damaging their own markets and livelihood the longer their self inflicted lockout goes, and a lost season for some markets might mean franchise relocation and permanent unrecoverable revenue loss, as fan apathy is their biggest fear, when trying to fill buildings after this ends.

So agreed Fehr is counting on the Owners continuing to keep coming back to the table and deciding to take back less in their demands with each passing negotiation (a pattern that we have all seen has been occurring). This in Owners hopes of ending their lockout, and Fehr not calling their bluff that they will not risk cancelling the season and suffer the consequences of their own greed long term in their market.
Cool story bro but i ain't buying what your selling.

Care to take a guess at home many millions of dollars in players salaries have been flushed down the toilet under Fehr's leadership? Both Goodenough & Fehr have been absolute failures as PA heads.

Also the NHL has already cancelled a season they are not bluffing as you say nor are they giving up more and more to the PA as you claim. There has been movement from both sides and Fehr told the players last Friday he can get them more. Good luck to Fehr and the PA with that because the owners are now even more pissed off and dug in deeper.

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