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Originally Posted by BerSTUzzi View Post
What's the point of even saying what Schroeder can and cannot do until he at least given a chance at the NHL. AHL success does not = NHL success or Sterling, Mancari, Chris Bourque and many more would be NHL super stars.
Im not saying what he can and cannot do, i do think he might make the nhl and hes a good player. Im a fan of him.

This all just stemmed because they think his numbers and play are good this year.

Meanwhile im saying for a guy his size and style, his numbers should be much better.

and it got out of control from there, they think hes doing just fine for his size and perimeter play

players like him typically aren't given chances after chances to stick unless they produce big numbers and there are certain types of points that translate into the nhl better.

kassians 50 points translates better than an undersized soft perimeter players points. they disagree. thats fine.

while 45 pts might be good for one guy, it might not be enoguh for another

basically all just disagree on how good schroeder has played this year.

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