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12-09-2012, 08:05 PM
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Wow, weirdest thing ever just happened....

So I had an exam at 7pm tonight. Usually they let you into the room around 5 minutes before the start time to get seated with everything out. 7pm we still are not allowed in the room so people are starting to wonder whats up. 7:02, my prof arrives so me and others are thinking that must have been the reason, we were waiting for our prof to show up before we start. 7:04, he comes out of our exam room and tells us the exam scheduling people made some sort of error and our exams were not at our exam room. He said that people were running them over as we speak. Time goes by, you can pretty much walk anywhere on campus from where we were within 10 minutes but now it 7:20 and they still have not showed up with our exams. My prof leaves for a little bit at this point and comes back a couple minutes later and starts talking to students about random stuff not exam related so I assume they will be here shortly. Yup, the exam showed up at 7:28 and they quickly put them out on the desks and we start going into the room at 7:30. Everyone is putting there bags up at the front of the room when one guy all of a sudden says `I have some other exam, this isn`t the right course code`. The prof goes over and sure enough it isn`t the right exam. He looks at a few others. Everyone has the wrong exam. By 7:38 we decided as a whole that he was going to go get the right exams and we would start shortly after 8 but if you couldn`t stay to go talk to him tomorrow and arrangements would be made. I decided to stay and right it tonight to get it over with. Time goes by. 8, no exams. 8:15, no exams. 8:25 he finally comes back to tell us the office place where he would get the exams was closed at this time. Exam tonight was cancelled. He says he will figure it all out ASAP tomorrow morning and he hopes to have a bunch of dates that we can choose to write our exam at by 10am tomorrow.

Never experienced anything like that, never heard of anything like that.

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