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12-09-2012, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by HeliDevil View Post
Bears blew today's game. Now I really am a little worried about making the playoffs. Still think they can reel off two wins in the next three weeks. 9-7 might be good enough to make it this year too. We'll see. I'll be at the Bears-Cards game in two weeks. If they can't beat them, they don't deserve the post season.

I still don't understand why you call the play they did on 3 and 1 that was a pick six. Bad call and awful execution. Also our wideouts and tight ends need to learn how to catch the ball. Outside of Marshall of course.
Bears must win 2 games to hope to make playoffs

Infact next week when they lose to Packers ,, A Redskin or Viking win will put Bears out of playoff spot

Almost every scenario of Bears going 1-2 to finish year would see them miss playoffs

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