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Originally Posted by hockeylover321 View Post
@Killion "I believe Mark Messier's come out with a new line of helmets, launched 2 or 3yrs ago that purportedly do offer considerably more protection than those that were or are currently available from various manufacturers. And no mistake, this is a very serious issue, as post concussion syndrome can be an incredibly debilitating & life altering condition with extremely grave consequences for those affected by it.... and my sympathies to you & yours. Cant be an easy thing to deal with almost every waking minute. Beyond sad really."

Thanks a lot and yeah I agree. Except, I was once told that the Messier helmet is actually one of the helmets on the market that is said to reduce concussions, however it is like any other helmet today. Its too bad; I guess no one has really found the solution yet.
There is no helmet capable of reducing concussions as no helmet can stop the brain from hitting against the inner walls of the skull during a high impact collision.

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