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ASTs in the PCHA

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
With the majority of the accomplishments of Hap Holmes and Hugh Lehman happening in the western rival leagues to the NHL, and George Hainsworth having a few good years there too, perhaps it is helpful to look at the complete All Star records of the leagues. When a 2nd Teamer is listed, he's in (parenthesis).

PCHA All Star Goalies

1912: Hugh Lehman
1913: Bert Lindsay
1914: Hugh Lehman
1915: Hugh Lehman
1916: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1917: Hec Fowler (Hap Holmes)
1918: Hugh Lehman (Hec Fowler)
1919: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1920: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1921: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1922: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1923: Hugh Lehman (Hap Holmes)
1924: Hugh Lehman

Hugh Lehman played in the PCHA every year during this time frame. Hap Holmes joined the league in 1916 and 1917, then spent 1918 in the NHL. Holmes returned to the PCHA from 1919-1924.

After 1924, the PCHA folded and some of its teams and most of the best players joined the WCHL.

WCHL/WHA All Stars

The WCHA changed its name to WHL for 1926.

1922: no 1st Teamer listed (Bill Laird)
1923: Hal Winkler (Bill Laird)
1924: Hugh McCusker
1925: Hap Holmes
1926: George Hainsworth

Hap Holmes and Hugh Lehman both joined the WCHL for 1924-25 after the PCHA folded. Holmes was 36 years old and had a few more good years left, Lehman was 39 years old and appeared to finally be on the decline (though he would play until the age of 41 with 1 final season in the NHL in 1926-27).

George Hainsworth had a long career in the OHA before joining the WCHL in 1923-24 at the age of 28. He doesn't appear to have immediately impressed. But by the 1925 playoffs, an article stated that Hap Holmes and George Hainsworth were "head and shoulders" above the rest of the goalies in the league (via Mike Farkas). Which makes sense, considering the quality of WCHL goalies before 1924-25 doesn't appear to have been high.

After 1926, the WHL folded. The best players joined the NHL.

Hap Holmes' was a mercenary who was sought after by competitive teams:

Senior hockey (OHA) from 1908-1912.
Toronto Blueshirts (NHA) from 1913-1915. Cup in 1914.
Seattle Metropolitans (PCHA) from 1916-1917. Cup in 1917.
Toronto Arena (NHL) in 1918. Cup in 1918.
Seattle Metropolitans (PCHA) from 1919-1924.
Victoria Cougars (WCHL/WHL) from 1925-1926. Cup in 1925
Detroit Cougars (NHL) from 1927-1928.
The PCHA ASTs seem to be the singular opinion of Mickey Ion, not a consensus of coaches or media types:

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