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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
You changing the goalposts again is amusing, and points to one that cannot counter argue a point, you just said Grabo is not a winger yet you keep clinging to the top 6 fwd hail mary, when you cannot justify Grabo replacing one of the Centers on actual cup winners I presented. I deal in facts, where your argument is based on a lot of what ifs and changing goalposts.

Ping, bang. Drop.
Lol, I'm not changing the goalposts at all. I don't even see how you can come to that conclusion.

Grabovski replacing those centers has been justified multiple times (some even by me right now), as I stated. I saw where those discussions went and your delusions, so I am not going to waste my time explaining it to you for the 10th time.

And top-6 forwards is not changing the goalposts either. It is looking at things realistically. Grabovski is a top-6 forward on every team. Some teams have good center depth. Some teams have good winger depth. That doesn't mean that just because some contenders already have two great centers in their top-6, that Grabovski does not belong on the top-6 of a contender.

Does Carter not belong in the top-6 of a contender, just because Richards and Kopitar are better centers?

So stop pinging yourself in the head and either prove that Grabovski is not a top-6 forward, or shut up already.

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