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12-09-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
By the sound of it, length of contract isn't the ONLY thing they changed. I think they would meet in the middle and not care. I really do. I think it was a total slap to the face after Tuesdays discussion to come in there like hard ***** and change everything they discussed. That was weak and terrible. Terrible move.

Even though it's the "hill they will die on", I bet they will agree on something different. It was the fact of the matter that everything was agreed upon and then changed last minute. I don't know what else to tell you. You have to look at all the steps from this week to see it. You can't take it all... you just can't. Parameters were set up and the PA thought they could take what the Owners gave AND negotiate more. It was a ****ing joke.
Cole, you have always displayed as much common sense as anyone on here. Step back and look at the entire situation...

You can't reasonably tell me what happened on Thursday is quality leadership from Bettman and the league. They are taking things personally and going after Fehr. I'm not the only one who sees through the charade. A ton of media people see it as well.

“The answer wasn’t yes,” Bettman said.

The answer wasn’t no, either. It was a new union proposal that ignored the owners’ specific request. This, and Fehr’s press conference to inform the media that the parties were close to an agreement, drove the billionaires up a wall. But overlooked amid the fury was that the union and the NHL were closer than ever on two of the issues the league “had to have:” reducing player contract term limits from unlimited to a five-year maximum (the union proposed an eight-year limit) and signing a 10-year, long-term collective bargaining agreement (the union proposed an eight-year pact). The NHL contended its offer was a “package deal” — not items to be bargained individually — but if the league had not been blinded by its tug-of-war with Fehr, it may have actually recognized the progress achieved.

They are going after a man who doesn't care about the game and is leaving after this mess is over. The league's actions are hurting not only the players, but themselves as well. Both sides are going to lose big the further this drags on.

The league had a chance to suck it up on Thursday and give just a little more, and it would not have affected their actual goals, and this nightmare would of been over. Quality leadership would of understood that with the stakes so high.

But they are too busy trying to get Fehr to see the forest through the trees.

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