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12-09-2012, 10:23 PM
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I haven't seen the show and came into this thread because I was interested in finding out what people thought of it, but some of these excuses/defenses are annoying/silly attempts at invalidating criticism, IMO.

It's a show about zombies, quit overanalysing, people just want to hate popular things, people hate it/love it because it's about zombies (I've heard both) etc... I can't stand **** like that, personally. Why not just accept the opinion as valid (which it probably is) and disagree? The cynics always get trashed for being know-it-alls w/o an open mind, but comments like these are much bigger examples of the fans being the closed-minded know-it-alls, IMO.

People need to stop reading negative posts as a personal attack on themselves for liking it. I personally find them very helpful.

People who don't like something don't need to stop overanalyzing and lightening up, YOU need to grow thicker skin.
Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
Sometimes I hate to read forums involving TV shows I like. There are always those know-it-alls that want to tell you how terrible a show you like is. The last 10 pages are a testament to that.

Jeez, it isn't perfect but it's damn fine TV.
Why are they know-it-alls just because they think it's terrible (and clearly DON'T think it's damn fine TV)? And why is it a problem that someone doesn't like something that you do?

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